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Elladene Lee Katz

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Know the facts, know your rights

Law Office Of

Elladene Lee Katz

Be Legally Fit

Know the facts, know your rights

Law Office Of

Elladene Lee Katz

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Elladene Lee Katz has served in the Bay Area of Northern California for over 30 years with integrity and professionalism. Her extensive experience in diverse areas of the law is what makes her practice unique and allows her to best serve her clients interests to the fullest.

“People who have been wronged turn to Elladene Lee Katz.”.

Employment Law

I have handled employment law cases for over 30 years. My experience extends from reviewing offers of employment and employment agreements to preparing and filing claims with State and Federal agencies related to employment discrimination based upon race, national origin, age, gender, sexual harassment, religion, and mental or physical disabilities.

I have drafted complaints in State and Federal Courts regarding employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, failure to promote, constructive discharge, fraud and deceit, defamation and libel, and other such causes of action. I have represented clients in employment litigation throughout the phases of litigation, including discovery, law and motion, alternative dispute resolutions including mediation and arbitration, up to jury trial and I have filed appeals and argued before the Appellate Court. I have also represented numerous public entity employees, including federal employees—for example, post office employees—and I have represented them through EEOC proceedings and MSPB hearings before Administrative Law Judges, and filed appeals. I also represent clients with complaints of Labor Code violations including wages, over time and I have represented clients before the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board fighting for unemployment benefits. In the course of representing employees, I have appeared before various Boards and Administrative Law Judges regarding teacher’s licenses, nursing licensing issues, the Board of Dental Examiners, doctors and real estate agents regarding suspension or revocation of their licenses. I have also negotiated countless Settlement Agreements on behalf of my clients in pursuing damages for their employment claims. I have represented departments from municipalities when they believed that their Memorandum of Understanding related to cost of living increases were violated by the City.

Professional Licensing

As I have described under employment law, I have handled numerous suspension and revocation of licenses for doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, teachers and real estate agents. I have prepared responses to complaints brought before the Administrative Law Judges regarding these professions and I have represented these

professionals before their Licensing Boards to defend against the revocation of a license. Many of these cases began with termination because of some employment misconduct, for example, allegedly stealing medications or fraud and embezzlement. The professional who is facing potential revocation of license needs representation at several levels, including potential arguments of employment discrimination and wrongful termination, representation before the State Licensing Board, and representation in certain allegations of criminal matters. I review all facts and documents and put together responses, pleadings and briefs with an effort to defend or minimize the accusations and I help prepare my clients for rehabilitation and a stronger defense against the accusations to avoid outright revocation. While it is impossible to guarantee results, I have successfully opposed revocation of licenses and obtained other results including suspensions. My objective as an experienced, impassioned, and tenacious attorney is to defend and preserve the rights of my client.

Family Law

I have represented clients in all areas of family law, including petitions for dissolution, custody and child support issues, and negotiated Marital Settlement Agreements. In drafting family law matters, I have also drafted Temporary Restraining Orders and Permanent Restraining Orders on behalf of clients related to the marital dissolution and child visitation issues.

I also draft Anti-Nuptial or Pre-Nuptial Agreements which clearly articulate separate property and asset division before marriage. I have also mediated marital settlements regarding property, child custody and visitation disputes.


I have represented and provide guidance through careful estate planning for clients. I have drafted wills and trusts, wills with testamentary trusts, living trusts, amendments and codicils in revising or revoking trusts and wills, charitable trusts, trust set up for children and education or for other purposes, and documents regarding deeds of conveyances of real property and conflicts regarding the sale of real property. I have also mediated probate matters.

Municipal Law

I have represented various business owners and individuals regarding land use planning and development before Cities and Counties and other public entities. I have garnered years of experience working for the County Counsel’s Office in Contra Costa County and I was the Assistant City Attorney for So. San Francisco. Land use planning matters

have included anything from defending clients who have been accused of violating the municipal code and facing nuisance and abatement proceedings, to assisting landowners and developers in obtaining permits and compliance with numerous requirements including the general plan, and specific planning and building codes and environmental concerns.

Eldercare Law

I handled diverse cases regarding eldercare including preparing powers of attorney for healthcare and financial matters. I counseled, as well as, aided families in finding appropriate nursing homes and assisted living facilities for their loved ones. With such matters, my office has also prepared conservatorship, as well as drafted contracts for live-in caregivers particularly for those who served around the clock.


With over three decades of experience and expertise as an attorney, in every area of law that I have practiced I have self-mediated, represented clients at mediation and arbitration, mediated between parties and negotiated settlements in a vast majority of cases. I am also a graduate of Stephen Rosenberg’s Mediation Training.

Mr. Rosenberg is a well-known attorney and mediator from Marin County who has been teaching mediation skills to lawyers, judges, professional mediators, and arbitrators and other professionals. I have also mediated cases through a court program in Contra Costa County. I have mediated cases in employment law, family law, probate and I have done so either by self-mediation, or in negotiated settlements between opposing counsel, and in mediation, before mediators. In all areas of law, whether it is employment, probate or family law, I make an effort to listen to the client’s concerns, explain the law, preserve and assert my client’s rights, and negotiate and mediate settlement agreements that save the client unnecessary attorney’s fees and costs.


What do our clients say about us?

I highly recommend Elladene Katz as your lawyer and advocate, stressing ADVOCATE. She works tirelessly and is personally invested in you and your case. Her knowledge, experience, professionalism and dedication helped to guide me through what could have been a stressful experience. She hears you, listens to the details, and gets it. I was extremely impressed with all her communication and advise which proved to be clear, concise and accurate! Elladene and her team kept me updated and answered/returned all my call or emails. It’s not only how hard she works for you it’s how empowered and grateful you are as the case closes. She’s a fighter with integrity and ethics.

Sue S.

It is my pleasure to write this review for Mrs. Elladene Lee Katz. Mrs. Katz is a woman who defines the true meaning of what an attorney should be. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, professional,  and will work endless hours on your case until justice is served. The experience I had with her reflected how she would explore all possibilities in your case and never rule out anything. There were no surprises she was always one step ahead. Her work ethic was purely outstanding. She always kept me abreast of what the status of my case was and asked me how I felt before any decisions were made concerning it. She provided what I expect from an attorney and that is communication, competence, ethics, and fees. I have to say that I would be honored to recommend her to others for she is the epitome of what all attorneys should be.

Barbara S.

About a year ago I encountered an uncomfortable situation due to discrimination at my former job. I was recommended to Elladene by a friend of the family, and I couldn’t have made a better choice of attorneys. Elladene advocated for me during a time of difficulty and I know she fought hard in my case. I believe she attained the best out-of-court settlement possible, and I completely trusted her professional decisions. She is an honest lawyer and will not waste your time or money if you do not have a case. Elladene has over 30 years of experience; she was professional, sensitive to my confidential matters, and extremely understanding. I felt very comfortable communicating with her throughout this difficult process.

Mark J.